Elk Herd

Trophy Blend

Imagine arriving at your treestand, blind or vantage point pre-dawn and popping the top off your Trophy Blend Scent Stick to apply scent to a tree, bushes, wallow, decoy, your blind or wherever you think would be advantageous and being able to put the top back on and throw it back in your pocket knowing it’s not going to leak all over.  Applying some to the soles of your boots prior to your walk in will also help cover human scent you leave behind and creates a virtual trail for the wary critters to follow!  This is the advantage of the Trophy Blend Scent Stick! Our genuine smelling scent sticks are hand made in the heart of Central Montana to assist with your hunting experience.  Bull, Cow, Herd and Estrus Scents available to match your hunting needs.

Collections: Elk Collection

Type: Unknown Type

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